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What do you want on your wedding cake?




Please look at your partner and forget about updating social media.

Did you catch the brides bouquet or did you deliberately fail to catching it?

Traditionally, after the wedding the bride will toss the flower bouquet over her shoulder, and it is believed that whoever catches the bouquet is the next in line to be married.

brides bouquet


… you can see who has been married before 😆




Where do simple and effective ideas come from?

baby diaper test


bed rocks


intricate henna cakes


keyboard waffle iron


meat world


pizza wedding



Who enjoys weddings?

getting married


love and loved


marriage vows


wedding bad day



What are you wearing?

church goers Durban

Church, Durban, South Africa


dress shoprite


dress wedding


nothing to wear


spock makeup

Will you wear these?

tp wed dress

bad doggie


snow headgear

socks & sandals


Japanese show contestants


ABBA – their expressions say it all

heel you

test pattern suit

Genius or idiot post 5

there's your problem


thigh bumpers



Shoplifting? Doing it all in one trip.


stop the wedding


sunday afternoon nap


How often do you say “Well that is not what I expected”?

peering and hiding


pants off

you again bride

Did you wait until after the wedding?

Have you got a whacky story about a wedding accident?

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