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Airplane pit-stop?






Why do signs state the obvious?

obvious gum sign

Why do you have a shy bladder?

tiger in the toilet






Why do we need signs to tell us what we already know?

toilet sign





What does your dog lick?

foul mouth



Have you ever been this tired?

drunk student urinal

“A drunk student was snapped sleeping in a urinal after a heavy night on the ale.The unnamed scholar at Plymouth University was found comatose but apparently cosy in the gents of a pub wearing an orange spandex top and blue leggings.”




While on the toilet, do you ever wonder that you are not alone?


A stomach-turning video of a giant millipede squirming around in a toilet bowl has gone viral online.




Who does all the admin?

toilet flushed


toilet paper reserve



Ain’t public toilets interesting?

toilet minute



toilets in public

Engineers and duct tape … what could go wrong?

duck tape vs sound




engineer taped







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