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How do you secure vehicles during transport?

car accident

Can you kiss reptiles?

ouch face hurts



… yes, but it is not recommended.


How many bad choices can you make in one day?

facebook thief


A pair of brazen Dundee crooks were caught by police after taking pictures of themselves with their criminal haul.

After stealing almost £4,000 worth of alcohol, Kevin O’Donnell and John McGrandle posed for snaps which they then posted on social media.

Meanwhile, McGrandle stole a BMW and parked it up in front of a restaurant before going for a meal – all in full view of CCTV cameras.

Solicitor Jim Laverty admitted the bungling pair had slipped up by posting their pictures online, saying: “The police used the Facebook entry as fairly compelling evidence of their involvement.”

Both men were jailed after appearing at Dundee Sheriff Court.




Why do criminals post photos?

[Builder who drew PENISES on photo of police officer’s head using Snapchat fined £400]

[Man arrested after taunting police with weed on Instagram]

[Catch Me If You Can – biker on stolen motorcycle boasting no more]

[FBI catch bank robbery suspect…after he posted pics brandishing the gun he used on Facebook ]

[LOS ANGELES – A teenager who stole a rooftop panel from the wrecked Porsche of actor Paul Walker, soon after the Fast and Furious star was killed in a crash, was sentenced on Thursday to six months in jail, a spokesman for prosecutors said. On the day of crash, someone using the Instagram handle “jamesonwitty” posted photos of a portion of the roof of a red Porsche and wrote, “Piece of Paul walkers car, took it off a tow truck at a stop light.”]



Do you blame stupid people?

stupid people and smart phones


cell dumb


stupid people slap

weird green armpits

sexy stupid

Do you have a face for “stupid people”?

dog u r stupid


stupid people

stupid text

Genius or idiot post 1





half cut




paris jackson

Isn’t exercise a dirty word?

dirty exercise

fat friends

fat or stupid


Did you know you can learn from stupidity?

stupid people experience

stupidity strike

thank stupid people

Can you tolerate stupid people?

stupid people allergy



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