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How long should a nap be to leave you refreshed?


Does anything beat a nap in the sun?

dog in car seat

Can you sleep like a baby?



Does a good night’s sleep make you feel beautiful?

beauty sleep

Are regular naps good for you?

doggy naps





Why do the neighbours always fight at 2am?

Then they have great makeup sex, while you lie awake for hours and to make matters worse the next morning they wave and say “Good morning … isn’t it a lovely morning”?


dog morning after





Can you sleep in airports?

suitcase nap




Can you sleep anywhere anytime?

sleep lost energy boost

sleep schedule

sleeping in public

Can housework be sexy?

housework and sandwich


housework dirty dishes

Can a cat be cute?

cat at work


cat cute butt


cat cutie


cat slippers


cat ugly butt



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