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Have you considered throwing in the towel?

falling apart

How cold is it?

cold can't change sign




How do you make a sign stand out?

yard sale!

Why do we need signs to tell us what we already know?

toilet sign





Do things sell quicker if the sign is unusual?

english garage sale

english turdles

english vaggies

english vegan

english wood for sale

Do you think I am special too?

baby you light up my world





Do you want a drink with that?

beer always read the small print


drinks and feelings




whisky haircut




Do you see funny things when you go shopping?

chinese mobile phone bazaar

Chinese mobile phone bazaar.

don't care

fuckin sale

As soon as the Japanese became aware of what it meant in English the posters were removed.

shoe sale

I’m guilty of falling for the “sale” promotions.

shop assistant fail

Shop assistant, “you’re fired”.

Are these legit?

dog & snake


japanes courtesy sign



sex machine



short cut



skunk kittens




A sign of our times?

sign x men

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