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Who is doing the shopping today?

buying milk



So you buy two dozen eggs … do you get them home safely?

Do you take the whole family, when shopping?

hedgehog baby




Do you see funny things when you go shopping?

chinese mobile phone bazaar

Chinese mobile phone bazaar.

don't care

fuckin sale

As soon as the Japanese became aware of what it meant in English the posters were removed.

shoe sale

I’m guilty of falling for the “sale” promotions.

shop assistant fail

Shop assistant, “you’re fired”.

Do skeletons have more fun than we do?

skeleton bride


skeleton shopping




How much?

50 percent


100 percent

What does old age do to us?



tatoo bum


your number

What are you wearing?

church goers Durban

Church, Durban, South Africa


dress shoprite


dress wedding


nothing to wear


spock makeup

Can you sleep anywhere?

doggie doorstop




sleepy trolley

Where do you park when there is no parking available?


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