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Do you use protection?

horny goat


Does your mama know?

selfie oops

Why do the neighbours always fight at 2am?

Then they have great makeup sex, while you lie awake for hours and to make matters worse the next morning they wave and say “Good morning … isn’t it a lovely morning”?


dog morning after





Does marriage feel like “life imprisonment”?

marriage a life sentence

Is it futile?

tv remote


trojan try on



Are you obsessed by boobs?

boobs not in sight


boobs squinting



Remember when there was sex education?



sex education 1960s



What does your horoscope reveal about you?



sex comment

Sexy post. Are you offended?

sexual harassment

sexy is hard


sexy shadow


sexy shadow2


sex could be fattening


sex explanation

What can they be up to?


sperm bank Mickey

sewer deweller

missing bus driver

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