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Does your mama know?

selfie oops

Do you ever get the feeling that you are not alone?

selfie oops





What are the differences between athletes training in the 1990’s vs 2014?

running then and now

Can you become addicted to taking selfies?

selfie monkey





Kim Kardashian to release 352-page book of selfies titled ‘Selfish’

“Kardashian clearly meant business in Thailand when she took 1,200 selfies of herself for a gift for rapper husband Kanye West.”

“This collection of hand-picked images from (Kim’s) personal archive is a tribute to her fans who have supported her through her very highly publicized journey,” the publishers of “Selfish” added. More


How much difference between then and now?


cellphones then and now


14 year olds

Do you hate selfies?

selfie hater


selfie hater cat


selfie shit

How often do you take selfies?

selfie thelfie





When was the first selfie taken?

This might not be the first but it is one of the earliest.


The 1920’s Selfie

Are you an expert at taking selfies?

selfie fail


selfie level expert


selfie level unsafe

Do you have short arms?

selfies and short arms


unlikely match

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