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Why are potholes never fixed?

pothole michigan

potholes sa

potholes vs drinking




Should you stay in bed when it rains?

wet cycle



Why do you drive erratically?

pothole vs drunk driving




Would driving be boring without potholes?

pothole grief




Which country has the biggest potholes?

Potholes in America

potholes america


Sinkhole in Russia

Pothole in South Africa

potholes south africa

In January “Social media was abuzz following the story about a woman who decided to prove a point and take a bath in one of the potholes last week, a Sapa correspondent reported.

The story made front-page headlines over the weekend.

Lydenburg Guest Farm owner Alison Botha and volunteer teacher Rosie Morrison recently published photos of Morrison taking a bath in one of the potholes on the R36.

Morrison was armed with a shower cap, book, glass of wine, and shampoo.

The two women posted the photos on Facebook and encouraged people to spread the message that government had to fix potholes that threatened the lives of tourists and locals.”


How big are the potholes on South African roads?

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