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Are you a little plump?

weight good for you



Are repair men useless?



Why do big blokes ride motor bikes?

Why don’t we want to see men cry?

man cry


man cry 2





This is my 1 082nd post on this blog. The images are easy to find but the titles are difficult because it is not easy to come up with right questions. Thank you for popping in, liking, sharing, following and commenting.



Do you need a man?

cats vs men





Can you perform comedic gymnastics?



Why do men die sooner than women?

why men die sooner 1


why men die sooner 2


why men die sooner 2a


why men die sooner 3


why men die sooner 4


why men die sooner 5


why men die sooner 6

why men die sooner 7





Are husbands ignorant or oblivious of their surroundings?

getting ready

Men! Do they make you mad?





sand octopus

Have you found the right man?


prince charming

tied up


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