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Why do women still use handbags?


Does a really good party exhaust you?

rough party

When do you admit that make-up doesn’t work?

make-up brushes


make-up chicks



kissing mistake



Are eyebrows funny?

eyebrows  eyebrows 2



Are you having a bad day?

Remember somewhere, someone is having a worse day.

attack of the squid


bear pops in

chair spins





medicine containers

Doesn’t the face say it all?

sly pepper


no make-up barbie



What is your cat doing?

cat & mouse


cat and tv


cat eye make-up



cat has pizza money



cat nap


cat nothing suspicious here






What are you wearing?

church goers Durban

Church, Durban, South Africa


dress shoprite


dress wedding


nothing to wear


spock makeup

How is my make-up?

lipstick horror


makeup beetlejuice vs joker

Isn’t Marilyn great?


right shoes

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