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What was your first online game?

online game



If you did not know how to do laundry will you still be expected to do it?

laundry fail


laundry zebra




Do you hate uninvited guests?

uninvited guests




Do you hate four letter words?

housework chores




800th post on answerit


Seems legit, what do you think?

5 second rule


age and drugs




catellite dish


electric pole dancer


expensive taste & no money



Did you know, good laundry helpers are hard to find?

laundry helper


laundry not folded

Do you hate laundry?

laundry fail


laundry success




What do you do when the landry gets too much?

laundry knight

Laundry knight, when everything is in the wash.


laundry towel

Are you doing housework?





laundry room

What do you do, when someone takes the joy out of the moment?

confused admirers




beer and cigarettes


baby trouble

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