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Do you have little helpers in the garden?

garden helper



Are you afraid of your own shadow?



Are you ever tempted to post photos of your kids upside down?


hoping they will look normal …

kid stuff
kid upside




Are the kids smarter than you?

kid we need to talk




Can you sit back and watch karma take revenge?

karma donkey

What is the first thought that comes into your mind when you get back to work after a long weekend?

long weekend



back to work

It’s weekend, are you smiling?

chuck norris shower


colour e






fortune cookie


gourmet cooking


gun prom


kids today


kiss boys attention

What would you do if you were a judge in traffic court?

Click on picture to read news article. (makes you want to be a judge)

Do you like doing stuff with your parents?

A special thank you to everyone following, commenting and liking posts.

Why are kids fascinated by dinosaurs?



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