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If you did not know how to do laundry will you still be expected to do it?

laundry fail


laundry zebra




Do you hate uninvited guests?

uninvited guests




Why are the dishes never done?



Do you hate four letter words?

housework chores




800th post on answerit


Are husbands ignorant or oblivious of their surroundings?

getting ready

Can housework be sexy?

housework and sandwich


housework dirty dishes

Is jy Gatvol vir huis skoonmaak?

Uitstekend (Wrecking Ball parody) deur Rea Le Roux

Watter deel was jou gunsteling?

My gunsteling deel is die `lek van die strykyster’ 😀



Are you doing housework?





laundry room

Is it advisable to do laundry?



housework & man


Do you feel lucky?


feeling lucky

gambling trouble

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