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Were you around in the 80’s?

I sure was ….



Should a tattoo make you smile?


What if, you’re comfy and there is a knock at the door?

hedgehog bad day

comfy hedgehog


Barber I want something new and funky, what do you think?

crazy hair cut







Do you ever realise mid-sentence that what you said does not make sense?

hairbrush escape




Do you enjoy bath time?

bathtime doggy

bathtime hare



Do you want a drink with that?

beer always read the small print


drinks and feelings




whisky haircut




Why are dogs strange?

dog no chew


doggie one ear


hair trim

Are you presenting you hair in the best possible way?

hair drive slow


hair swept

What’s up with all the questions?

what if




flops to the beach


hair shampoo


iced yeast rings


moons too many




real personality


obama google

stickman fatty

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