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How do you treat inconsiderate people?





If you did not know how to do laundry will you still be expected to do it?

laundry fail


laundry zebra




How can you top your friend riding a fire extinguisher?




What is the first thing you will grab to save it from fire damage?

imagine there is a fire, your family and pets are safe and you make your escape. What do you grab on your way out?

computer rescue

Do you have a brave firefighter taking care of you?

car on fire

Are you having the worst day ever?

house on cliff


Meanwhile in Texas … A house that has been dangling for days on a crumbling cliff was deliberately set on fire Friday on the shores of Lake Whitney, Texas. According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, burning was one of three options the homeowner had for removing the home from the site before it fell into the lake. The house was evacuated two weeks ago after cracks were discovered in the walls and more recently chunks of the cliff and the house began falling into the lake.



Should it burn?

fireman hotflush


firemen light my house


burn away

burning love

burning page

Do you like good inventions?

axe tray

Ice tray


chev bench


fire extinguisher


rabbit lawn mower

Bunny operated.

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