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Why should you not drink & drive?




Will you pass a breathalyzer test?

Have you ever been this tired?

drunk student urinal

“A drunk student was snapped sleeping in a urinal after a heavy night on the ale.The unnamed scholar at Plymouth University was found comatose but apparently cosy in the gents of a pub wearing an orange spandex top and blue leggings.”




If you’re too drunk to notice … will you remember any of it tomorrow?


Do you want a drink with that?

beer always read the small print


drinks and feelings




whisky haircut




How drunk have you been?

“An Alabama woman was arrested on Friday after police say she drunkenly stole a horse and rode it to a store to steal some merchandise.

Christine Saunders, 45, was initially only hit with alcohol-related charges, but police say more charges could be on the way, according to

Authorities responded after receiving a call about an intoxicated woman causing a disturbance at a store in DeKalb County on Saturday evening.”

How can you tell that you are drunk?

drinking tequila


drunk driving

Do you have a hangover?

bear hang over


Genius or idiot post 2



parking idiot


pop eyes

When the internet is down, place plastic craft eyes on random objects like book covers.




When you get this drunk you friends will play dangerous pranks on you.

Were you drunk?


drunk poem twinkle


fb drunk msgs



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