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Does anything beat a nap in the sun?

dog in car seat

If you described how bad your day was, would anyone believe you?

Why do the neighbours always fight at 2am?

Then they have great makeup sex, while you lie awake for hours and to make matters worse the next morning they wave and say “Good morning … isn’t it a lovely morning”?


dog morning after





Do you play with your veggies?

dogs broccoli





Could it drum up more business?

testicle festival

What is dog logic?

dog logic 1


dog missing you


dog saver of balls


dog picky

Are Bulldogs cute?

How can you explain it to dogs?

dog homework


dog in bed


dog on cat pics


dog sit

Why can’t we live without dogs?

dog & beer


dog & sippy cups


dog growls expression





Why are dogs strange?

dog no chew


doggie one ear


hair trim

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