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How many bad choices can you make in one day?

facebook thief


A pair of brazen Dundee crooks were caught by police after taking pictures of themselves with their criminal haul.

After stealing almost £4,000 worth of alcohol, Kevin O’Donnell and John McGrandle posed for snaps which they then posted on social media.

Meanwhile, McGrandle stole a BMW and parked it up in front of a restaurant before going for a meal – all in full view of CCTV cameras.

Solicitor Jim Laverty admitted the bungling pair had slipped up by posting their pictures online, saying: “The police used the Facebook entry as fairly compelling evidence of their involvement.”

Both men were jailed after appearing at Dundee Sheriff Court.





How do you stop a cell phone thief?




Can you guess what this robbing duo stole?

Click on image to see answer.

robbing duo

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