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Does your mama know?

selfie oops

How do you stop a cell phone thief?




What will be the next step in the evolution of man?

evolution of man & cell



What do you want on your wedding cake?




Please look at your partner and forget about updating social media.

Wasn’t that akward?




What would happen if you put your Iphone in a guitar?




Is a slow lane a good idea?

“Smartphone users glued to their screens can now shuffle along in unison after a Chinese city gave them their own designated walking lane.”

What will youngsters of today tell their children?

cell youngsters


tech craiglist


tech internet


technology bad part of town


texting party

It’s weekend, are you smiling?

chuck norris shower


colour e






fortune cookie


gourmet cooking


gun prom


kids today


kiss boys attention

How much difference between then and now?


cellphones then and now


14 year olds

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