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Which classic Hollywood actor was buried with a whistle in his coffin?



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At the funeral for her husband, Lauren Bacall put a whistle in his coffin. It was a reference to the famous line she said to him in their first film together: “You know how to whistle, don’t you? You just put your lips together and blow”

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Do you know the real names of celebrities?

Alecia Beth Moore

Demetria Gene Guynes

Mark Vincent

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Celebs we lost during 2014 – who will be missed the most?

Shirley Temple
Joan Rivers
Robin Williams
Lauren Bacall
Peaches Geldof
L’Wren Scott
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Harold Ramis
Mickey Rooney
Bob Hoskins
Dr. Maya Angelou
Casey Kasem
Eli Wallach
Meshach Taylor
James Garner
Oscar de la Renta
Richard Attenborough
Maximilian Schell
Richard Kiel
Joe Cocker

Do you look like a celeb?

celeb twins

Do you like celebs?

arnold young

charlie sheen

dat ass


Yes, photoshopped.

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan portrait created with trash.

sheen him

you and the internet

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