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Can you smoke & drink beer at the same time?



What advantages are there to living in sub zero temperatures?

no fridge required


Enjoy the weekend!

What is your favourite beverage?



coke effortless

Do you want a drink with that?

beer always read the small print


drinks and feelings




whisky haircut




Can you play a tune with an empty beer bottle?

Billie Jean on Beer Bottles.


Do you dare go home without beer?

beer & beach


Helen Ann Williams of South Carolina was charged with domestic abuse after stabbing her common-law husband with a decorative ceramic squirrel because he came home late on Christmas Eve — without beer.


Why is beer important to men?



pregnancy and midhusbands




Are you a beer drinker?

beer bucket


fly in beer


wine cork

Beer or wine?

beer bucket

fly in beer


wine excercise

wine vs duct tape

Are you serious?

beer bottles

detonate shakers

dog wink

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