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Airplane pit-stop?






How do you treat inconsiderate people?




Are the kids smarter than you?

kid we need to talk




What would you do if you saw an airplane in your rear view mirror?

WATCH: Plane lands on busy US highway, miraculously misses all cars

Newly released footage shows the moment a small plane made an emergency landing on Route 72 in Stafford, New Jersey, on Sunday, July 12.

Five people, including students from a local skydiving center, were on board the single-engine plane when it lost power and was forced to land.

An initial investigation by Stafford police indicated that the plane lost power before it was forced to make the dramatic landing. One skydiver was treated for a cut on his arm. No other vehicles were damaged.






Is it time to panic?

no pilot

Is it logical?


Are you afraid of flying?

airplane crash

airplane repair

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