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Why does reading a good book leave you yearning for more?

reading vs life



Do you like it?

fb newspaper like


Why can’t we spell phonetically?

english dosage


english importanter


english knowledge tattoo


english nuthin


english tattoo oops


english yard thale


english twits



Will future generations of children use books?




Do you think I am special too?

baby you light up my world





Do you think it’s true?

morning need to get up


not moody


party yeah


sandwich peanut butter


see you later


scale and weight







strong woman

stupid robber


How good is your English?

english easy


english they are


english write good


word play

How good is your English?

english instructions


English synonym

Are you smart with words?

body you have


caterpillar impregnators



dirty mind

Do you agree that reading a good book is agony?

book pain



book hangover

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