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Were you around in the 80’s?

I sure was ….




What is the first thing you will grab to save it from fire damage?

imagine there is a fire, your family and pets are safe and you make your escape. What do you grab on your way out?

computer rescue

How well will you do in a Lip Sync Battle?

This is hilarious. NSFW (warning contains hand gestures that might offend some)








What time of year is it?

Xmas decorations in shops


XMAS gingerbread


Xmas rudolph




What would happen if you put your Iphone in a guitar?




Can you draw miniatures?

a miniature picture

By Cape Town-based artist Lorraine Loots



Can you play a tune with an empty beer bottle?

Billie Jean on Beer Bottles.


Do songs affect your thoughts?

song let it out



song stop




Is it too early for Christmas carols?

christmas music

Isn’t it annoying?

favourite song

not enough bullets

pizza order sa

paint woes

squeaky bed

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