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Do you succeed with your parenting skills?
















Were you around in the 80’s?

I sure was ….



How long should a nap be to leave you refreshed?


Will you vote for Trump?

donald trump





Do we need to see naked pictures of Justin Bieber?




bieber naked2

What would you do if you saw an airplane in your rear view mirror?

WATCH: Plane lands on busy US highway, miraculously misses all cars

Newly released footage shows the moment a small plane made an emergency landing on Route 72 in Stafford, New Jersey, on Sunday, July 12.

Five people, including students from a local skydiving center, were on board the single-engine plane when it lost power and was forced to land.

An initial investigation by Stafford police indicated that the plane lost power before it was forced to make the dramatic landing. One skydiver was treated for a cut on his arm. No other vehicles were damaged.






When was the last time you felt threatened?

keel chu




What would spark WWIII?

toughest question ever





What do you do when you trip in public and your ego gets bruised?

robert mugabe falls 1



robert mugabe falls 2




robert mugabe falls 3


robert mugabe falls meme 1



robert mugabe falls meme 2




robert mugabe falls meme 3


robert mugabe falls meme 4


robert mugabe falls meme 5

robert mugabe falls meme 6


mugabe fall meme





Do fluffy cows exist?

Well, technically, the thing should really be named #fluffybull: the animals in question here tend to be male … “‘fluffy bulls’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.”

fluffy cow 1

Basically, it’s a cow or bull (or adorable, adorable calf) that has been primped and pampered into fluffiness. To delighful — and sometimes slightly terrifying — effect.

How do the cattle get so fluffy? Are they bred to be that way?

Again, pampered into fluffiness. The coifs the creatures are sporting are the result of some painstaking hairstyling. The ranchers, rather than nature, have created the amazing hairdos you see on the fluffy cows. With the help of young members of organizations like 4-H and Future Farmers of America, the ranchers are doubling as bovine aestheticians.

And their strategy is, like so many winning beauty routines, a matter of ongoing maintenance. It can take months of “daily care” (and sometimes twice-daily care) to coax the cattle into their full, fluffy-coated glory. There’s the washing. And the clipping. And the special oils (meant to give cows’ coats that special touchable, fluffable softness).

Oh, and the blow-drying. And the hairspray. (The hairspray!) “Styling a cow for showtime,” per one report, “can take around 2 hours and requires hairspray to keep all that fuzz in place and oil to make their coats shine.”



fluffy cow 2




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