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Why do criminals post photos?

[Builder who drew PENISES on photo of police officer’s head using Snapchat fined £400]

[Man arrested after taunting police with weed on Instagram]

[Catch Me If You Can – biker on stolen motorcycle boasting no more]

[FBI catch bank robbery suspect…after he posted pics brandishing the gun he used on Facebook ]

[LOS ANGELES – A teenager who stole a rooftop panel from the wrecked Porsche of actor Paul Walker, soon after the Fast and Furious star was killed in a crash, was sentenced on Thursday to six months in jail, a spokesman for prosecutors said. On the day of crash, someone using the Instagram handle “jamesonwitty” posted photos of a portion of the roof of a red Porsche and wrote, “Piece of Paul walkers car, took it off a tow truck at a stop light.”]




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One thought on “Why do criminals post photos?

  1. If they were smart maybe they wouldn’t commit the crimes in the first place? I read a quote once by some TV crime fighter who said if criminals weren’t stupid sometimes they might not get caught!

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