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Where is everyone?

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cat master of stealth

When do you admit that make-up doesn’t work?

make-up brushes


make-up chicks



kissing mistake



Do you hate four letter words?

housework chores




800th post on answerit


Isn’t this nifty?

dismantled bike

Can you guess what this robbing duo stole?

Click on image to see answer.

robbing duo

How cold is ice water?

ALS ice bucket challenge




Why do criminals post photos?

[Builder who drew PENISES on photo of police officer’s head using Snapchat fined £400]

[Man arrested after taunting police with weed on Instagram]

[Catch Me If You Can – biker on stolen motorcycle boasting no more]

[FBI catch bank robbery suspect…after he posted pics brandishing the gun he used on Facebook ]

[LOS ANGELES – A teenager who stole a rooftop panel from the wrecked Porsche of actor Paul Walker, soon after the Fast and Furious star was killed in a crash, was sentenced on Thursday to six months in jail, a spokesman for prosecutors said. On the day of crash, someone using the Instagram handle “jamesonwitty” posted photos of a portion of the roof of a red Porsche and wrote, “Piece of Paul walkers car, took it off a tow truck at a stop light.”]



Are you Home and Alone?

Imagine you are Home and Alone and thugs are preparing to break in and enter your house. (Sound familiar…?)

Don’t you wish you had some Bill Murray sound bites to play so that the thugs think someone bigger than you is home?

Start a conversation with “Hello” click on picture to start …

bill murray sound bites

How much fun can a digital cloth be?


cloth simulation


It flutters in the wind, it crunches up and you can unpin it to see it fall. More here



What are you looking at?

pop eyes 1

pop eyes 2

pop eyes 3

pop eyes 4

pop eyes 5




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