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Are eyebrows funny?

eyebrows  eyebrows 2



Who needs a Monday?

monday face




Do dogs like water slides?

This one does.

I found some disturbing videos of people forcing their dogs onto waterslide which were not safe.

Don’t be an idiot, dogs are precious.

Do you like big ugly bugs?

huge bug

“The world’s largest flying insect has been discovered in China – and it’s bigger than a human hand. It measured 21cm, breaking the previous record held by the South American helicopter damselfly which had a wingspan of 19.1cm.” Read article





Should you have a warning label?


warning lable 2


warning lable


driving aggression




How do you carve the Eiffel Tower out of a pencil?

You can skip intro and start watching from 3:00


Thank you for visiting and following.


How can I save time blogging on WordPress?

I do not have a lot of spare time, so there is one WordPress feature which I like a lot and that is when I visit a blog and see that the likes are enabled on each post. This means that you can read and like a post while on the home page without actually opening up the post. This saves on mouse clicks and loading time.


wordpres like button


How to enable likes on each WordPress post.

Goto Dashboard, settings, Sharing

wordpress likes

Click to enable Likes On for all posts.

Another nifty tool I like, are the notifications.

How to check Notifications.

You don’t have to check your email. Make sure that your cursor is not in a comment box. Press “n” and the notifications dropdown box appears.


wordpress notifications


If you want to see more notifications click on View Archive. If you want to see unread notifications click on unread.


wordpress notifications archive


I hope these tips are helpful. Keep on blogging 😀






Who would you like as a dad?

Awesome Dad Draws Cartoons on Lunch Bags for His Kids



Yip, this is a cool dad!



Do you always look where you are going?

car crash eye test


historic photos in colour





Ever wished you could edit your friends photo of you cringing at an incoming ball?

boris j


photoshopped michelle obama




photoshopped mo tennis

photoshopped mo chs



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