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How much do you like cake?

cake and baby


cake and bulldog

How do computers affect our thoughts?

brain open tabs


fb ouch


fire exit sign


memory stick


playing games




Isn’t life simple?

adult wanting to be a child again



birth control





fire chief and ex




Have you smiled today?

laugh wrinkles


happiness a way of life



smile life is short




Isn’t it a wonderful day?

car nightmare


parking mall




Do you hate selfies?

selfie hater


selfie hater cat


selfie shit

Do pigs swim?

pigs exuma

pigs exhuma 2

“Exuma is a district of the Bahamas, and consists of over 360 islands. Near Big Major Cay is Staniel Cay.There are three freshwater springs on the island.

The pigs are said to have been dropped off on Big Major Cay by a group of sailors who wanted to come back and cook them. The sailors, though, never returned; the pigs survived on excess food dumped from passing ships.One other legend has it that the pigs were survivors of a shipwreck and managed to swim to shore, while another claims that the pigs had escaped from a nearby islet.[Others suggest that the pigs were part of a business scheme to attract tourists to the Bahamas. The pigs are now fed by locals and tourists and the island is unofficially known as Pig Beach by the locals.




Who do you strip for?


Are women trouble?



hissy woman oh crap



Why are dogs strange?

dog no chew


doggie one ear


hair trim

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