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When was the first selfie taken?

This might not be the first but it is one of the earliest.


The 1920’s Selfie

Do you answer your cell phone while driving?



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Are you having a bad day?

Remember somewhere, someone is having a worse day.

attack of the squid


bear pops in

chair spins





medicine containers

Job hunting requirements?

job crybag

job now hiring

job of dreams

Doesn’t the face say it all?

sly pepper


no make-up barbie



How big is Gordon Ramsey’s smile?

smile ramsey

Are you an expert at taking selfies?

selfie fail


selfie level expert


selfie level unsafe

Did you learn anything important while at school?

school and life


school maths

How can you save money today?

valentine's single

Can housework be sexy?

housework and sandwich


housework dirty dishes

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