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Nergfoogle Kodak Moment – Justin Bieber being a Ghost

Are you as white as a sheet?

haha enjoyed this post, had to share it.


Here is a shot a our hero Justin Bieber being a ghost outside a Brazilian  Brothel. Notice how scared all the non-ghosts are of Mr Bieber in his costume. I’m sure that this years costume entry is assured to get Justin the first place trophy at the “Scurvy Under the Sea” sock hop.


Naturally there is one question that comes to all our minds, but was never asked of little Justin at the time of his spooking. So I guess I’ll just ask it now. Why did Mr. Bieber feel he needed to put on this costume to scare people, when his music does an excellent job of that already.

I guess some people just want to see the world burn….

I’m told next week, Justin will be leaving a Filipino whore house as the purple Teletubby. SPOOKY!!!!!

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