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Are you a morning person?

early in the morning chat

holding the fort

Do you do crazy things?



crazy court date



Can you believe this?

worth it

i'm hot

stork returns


rescue emergency

Do you have a positive attidude?



friend don't lose me


Who brings your sunshine?

friends forever

muddy dog


May you find sunshine today 😉

Who spoils your fun?

as soon as the fun begins


no mom!

Isn’t it time to get a grip?

no therapy required

inner child

head and body

grounded myself

get a grip

analyse this

Do you think it is safe?

ceiling fan

electrical and plumbing problem

scary mechanic

safe sex

Do you know it is useless fighting?

agro tension

fighting words

online fights

pinata for cats


Don’t you love facebook?

can't sleep fb

fb like

the moon reminds me of her

group therapy

sweat girl



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