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Happy New Year – 2013

2012 celebration

2013 beach

2013 champagne

2013 champers

Why change anything 😀

2013 computers

2013 endeavors

2013 fire

2013 fireworks

2013 fireworks colours

2013 new year

2013 sparkle

I hope to see you all back here next year 🙂

How can we keep guns out of the hands of baboons?

baboons and guns

Can you party too much?



party hard

Where do you park when there is no parking available?


Should Santa go on diet?

christmas snow angels


christmas youtube


Before you answer remember … Santa

christmas presents and santa

What is the first thing you do Christmas morning?

christmas bicycle

Merry Christmas!

Are you being naughty this Christmas?

Sneak peak at the x-ray

christmas shiner

christmas rice cakes

christmas mistletoe

Do you need some advice for Christmas Day?

christmas lable christmas underwear gifts

What time of the year is it?

This blog is celebrating its 1 year anniversary. I am so please with the response I have received from all of you and thank you to everyone following my posts. Soon there will be 100 followers of this blog – yes – I am surprised 😀
You will see that I have now added a blogroll so you can visit my blogging friends.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Enjoy the holidays and be safe whatever you are doing.
christmas being santa
christmas mistletoe kiss
christmas toilet decoration
christmas tinsel

Are you ready for Christmas?

christmas & fire hydrant

christmas and butt

christmas lawyer

christmas visit postponed

christmas rice cakes

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