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Data handling in Excel Worksheets.

I have text data which I want to import into Excel.

When I import via the get external data menu I get this result.

To get the data into different columns I then try the text to columns but all that does is give me preceding zeros.

How do I get this result?

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3 thoughts on “Data handling in Excel Worksheets.

  1. twolips2 on said:

    Oh, gosh, I used Excel a lot when teaching to get the pupils’ marks for the term/year. I think I have forgotten most of it by now.
    Somewhere there’s a drop down menu where you can find which “style” you want for the numbering.
    That’s all I remember for now.

  2. twolips2 on said:

    I think I’ve found it!
    On the home page of Excel there’s a block called “number” and at the top there’s a white bar. Click on the arrow and you will see different formats you can use.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Right click on the block up on top, let say A.
    Choose Format Cells.
    Choose number, and if you want you can tick the 1000 (,) seperator.
    Then in the block below 55.62 you can either type =sum(numbers that you choose will be in here) and choose all the above numbers, close the thingy ) and press enter, or you can go to that funny little fx thingy just above your cells and do the formula there.

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