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What makes you yawn?

Pictures of yawning babies usually make me yawn and so does this one …

Why are kids fascinated by dinosaurs?



How do you handle stress?

Some days start better than others.

How does a perfect day start for you?

Caption This: Cute

Sunday evening, nothing to watch on TV …

Do guys ever get it right? Does the silent treatment help?

Caption this: Cat slippers

Can you think of a funny caption for this photo?

Data handling in Excel Worksheets.

I have text data which I want to import into Excel.

When I import via the get external data menu I get this result.

To get the data into different columns I then try the text to columns but all that does is give me preceding zeros.

How do I get this result?

How would you suggest serving ox liver?

How would you suggest serving ox liver to mask the bitter taste?

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