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What will make you cry?

painted interior

“The thick white paint completely destroyed the interior of the driver’s supercar, causing more than £40,000 worth of damage.

Imagine the pain this petrol head is feeling! Note to self, don’t leave a tin of paint on the backseat of your Maserati then swerve to avoid a dog…

The thick white paint completely destroyed the interior of the driver’s supercar, causing more than £40,000 worth of damage, as he was forced to avoid hitting the animal.” More …





How much strength do you have in your legs?





Can a man spend 24 hours in high heels?

I enjoyed this, please take the time to watch the video or read the article.





Will you ever get tired of playing with Lego?

lego plant holders






Can you do me a favour?

Monday zzzzzz





Are the cupboard shelves bare towards month end?

WTF out of coffee

Do you hate junk mail?

dog torn mail






Ever pause and wonder … how the hell did you manage that?

car accident flight

Why are teddy bears a really bad idea for kids?

teddy bear cheap Chinese

“More than 2,000 killer teddies have been seized by border cops.

The fluffy pink teds – which have metal spikes holding their heads on and sharp points attaching a bow tie to their necks – were found in a lorry at Dover, Kent, at the weekend.

Guards working for the Border Force found a total of 2,193 of the teddies, which also have ‘poorly attached eyes and noses’, meaning children could easily pull them off and choke on them.

The teds, which were made in China, are believed to have been heading to London and Kent, where they would have been sold to unsuspecting parents unaware they could kill their child.”





“A MOTHER is demanding a refund for a christening cake featuring a teddy bear with what she says is “totally inappropriate” detailing.

Sharon Green says she was horrified when she picked up the cake from Occasion Cakes for her three-year-old daughter Tahlia Rose’s christening and saw that it had a “crease” that makes the teddy look like it has female genitals.

Mrs Green complained to the firm and demanded a refund, but she has not been given her money back.

When she took it back to the shop, an assistant gave her some flowers to preserve the teddy’s modesty, but Mrs Green was not able to stick them down.

She said guests the event at Beeches Hotel in Standish kept moving the flowers and poking fun at the cake.”


P.S. This is my opinion the teddy bear looks more like a stupid monkey so forget about sewing lines and rather check on the physical features of real animals. In regards to the top story – stop buying cheap Chinese rubbish!




Do you daydream of being a real life hero?

with lightening fast reflexes.


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