Funny pictures & cartoons to make you smile.

STOP SCROLLING! Did you think you could scroll past and not say Hi?

are you late lizard




Why do you trip when you know someone is watching you?

How would you describe woman in general?

volatile women




What if, you’re comfy and there is a knock at the door?

hedgehog bad day

comfy hedgehog


Barber I want something new and funky, what do you think?

crazy hair cut







Why don’t people give you a warning sooner rather than later?

First they are like, relax … sit … have some coffee …

Why would you want a car with good brakes when visiting Japan?



“The bridge, which connects the cities of Matsue and Sakaiminato, appears to go straight into the sky and suddenly drop off. Built high so that fishing boats can pass underneath, the structure fortunately isn’t quite as steep as it looks.

Nearly a mile long, the bridge has a gradient of 6.1 percent on one side and 5.1 percent on the other, according to Yahoo. Cars gradually ascend, making it less scary for drivers than the bridge appears when photos are taken from a straight-on angle. In pictures, Eshima Ohashi definitely earns its “roller coaster bridge” nickname.” Source


Do you have someone to give you a good scratch?

Have you lost your cat?



Why do cats prefer small boxes?

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