Funny pictures & cartoons to make you smile.

Can you see pictures in clouds?

croc cloud



For more wonderful examples here

Isn’t new watch technology great?





Why fetch it?

dog smile tennis balls


dog sleepy tennis ball

How cold can it be?

frozen 1

frozen geysers

frozen light house

frozen methane bubbles

frozen water fall


For more source

Do you think it’s true?

morning need to get up


not moody


party yeah


sandwich peanut butter


see you later


scale and weight







strong woman

stupid robber


Why does Spiderman hide from the public?

super hero web problems

Do we have a false sense of security?

security minister of de fence


security victim of thieves

Where is everyone?

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cat master of stealth

When do you admit that make-up doesn’t work?

make-up brushes


make-up chicks



kissing mistake



Do you hate four letter words?

housework chores




800th post on answerit


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